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Let me walk you through my best tips for staying on track with Paleo… without feeling deprived, spending hours in the kitchen or breaking the bank on groceries.

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Learn the skills to make paleo part of your everyday

No Matter What Life Throws In Your Way.

Let me walk you through my very best tips, tricks and recipes with step-by-step videos that will teach you exactly how to get healthy eating paleo, whether you're new to it or have been unsuccessful in the past.

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Delicious, Free, and Easy Paleo Recipes 


February 23, 2020


February 8, 2017


December 23, 2016


December 15, 2016




Vietnamese Lettuce Cups with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce
Wild Shrimp Spring Rolls with Cashew Coconut Sauce
Poppin’ Shrimp

Meet The Head Chef


I'm  Camille Macres

Camille Macres is a professional paleo chef and the host of America's first paleo TV show, "Camille's Paleo Kitchen". Each week she brings you special guests, recipes, fun tips and tricks that will leave you inspired and empowered to cook at home for yourself and your family.

She is the author of the cookbook "Paleogasm: 150 Grain, Dairy & Sugar-Free Recipes That Will Leave You Totally Satisfied and Begging for More", the host of the podcast "Paleo, Love & Transformation" and creator of the "Paleo Cooking School" video education series.

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Camille is a genius in the kitchen. Its about time she taught all of her best secrets to the world.

Kerry Auret

Learning to cook by watching Camille's fun and straightforward cooking videos has allowed me to overcome my unhealthy and expensive habits of eating out almost everyday. I am so grateful to her and the work she's doing to make cooking fun and easy for anyone. If I can do it, anyone can!

Annie Smith

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