How I Fixed My Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau

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I first went paleo when I was 32 to heal my adrenal and thyroid issues and was pretty amazed how quickly all of my extra weight and puffiness from inflammation melted away.

Then at 35 I got pregnant, had a healthy pregnancy and bounced back to my pre-pregnancy weight within 6 weeks of giving birth. Woo hoo!

Not so fast…

We moved to a new town when Orion was only 2 months old and I fell into a depression… no friends, most of my time spent figuring out how to care for a tiny human, so much stress trying to keep my business going…

Then just like that, I started gaining weight again, mostly because my coping mechanism was to eat cookies, lots of homemade paleo cookies, at night after everyone went to bed.

Before I knew it, I was up to 202 pounds, my heaviest weight ever. It seems like it just packed on overnight, but in the blur of new motherhood, it likely took a couple months.

I then tried the EXACT same things that took the weight off the first time, but it STILL would not budge.

Stress, hormones, lack of sleep were surely to blame.

I tried keto, raw vegan and several other combos, none of which took off more than a couple pounds and left me feeling pretty frustrated…

We moved to Maui in June and I started working with a couple new practitioners who recommended a 180 degree change from what I’d been doing and within a couple weeks, I’d lost 15 pounds, my joints stopped hurting and I started feeling like my old self again, which is pretty miraculous since I’m still chasing a toddler around and running a business.

In conjunction with that, my whole lifestyle changed. More time in nature, early to bed and early to rise, less technology and more quiet.

This is the amazing Kinsey 🙂

I reconnected with my friend,  paleo nutritionist Kinsey Jackson, when she came to the island a couple weeks ago and shared my journey with her.

She told me that she wasn’t at all surprised by my story and reminded me what I had forgotten:

“The stress, poor sleep and hormonal changes brought on by motherhood changed your chemistry, so its no wonder you needed a different and more personalized paleo approach this time around.”

We talked about how stress causes chronic inflammation and weight gain because it leads to emotional eating. Not only that, the ongoing release of cortisol wreaks havoc on the body.

I was blown away by everything she said about how stress can manifest and the multi-pronged approach that must be taken to resolve it.

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I looked back into my history: all of the late nights, the junk food comfort eating, the ways in which I became an obsessive workaholic in a quest to be “perfect” in order to feel worthy of love.

I looked at the still-remaining roll of fat on my midsection and asked her if the real cause of belly fat is too much of the stress hormone, cortisol, and she confirmed it was likely a big part of it.

She believes that stress is the “silent killer” at the root of most chronic illnesses and together we outlined a new approach to weight loss and healing autoimmunity.

I shared with her what I’d been learning from my local bodyworker, TJ. He’s played an important role in helping me identify the emotional component of my health issues and my body has started releasing them and healing naturally.

In reviewing our shared personal experiences and from working with women ranging in age 35-75, we outlined a personalized and more comprehensive approach to healing and weight loss than we’ve seen offered in the paleo community.

With love and aloha!!


P.S. Here’s what one of my previous clients said about working with me:

“I’m so happy that I discovered Camille and decided to take advantage of her personalized coaching program. In only a month, Camille has helped me make progress in areas that I’ve been struggling with for years.

Camille is very honest about the struggles she’s been through and that makes her very empathetic. She’s also extremely intuitive, and has a unique approach that’s a combination of practical, cognitive techniques along with more traditional therapy methods.

My relationship with food has improved tremendously and, more importantly, my relationship with myself. My days feel calmer, and I’m operating less out of fear and more out of love and possibility.

Thank you, Camille, for being so generous with yourself and for the wonderful work you’re doing.” – Lisa M, Los Angeles