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I've been using this cook book for about 3 months straight... like for every meal. It is incredible! 

Erica Dale

The recipes are very thought out, full-flavored, and well-rounded in terms of nutrition. You won't feel deprived or bored, which is important when you remove certain foods from your pantry. The book also includes a Paleo pantry list, which I find helpful.

Sara Garriso


What’s Inside the Starters Guide?

Discover How To Make Simple Taste Turn Amazing!

Learn to integrate the 6 basic tastes, of which all seemingly complex tastes are ultimately composed.

Discover the 7 must have pantry foods 

You'll get a detailed Pantry List of all the items to easily and quickly make delicious Paleo meals.  

Top Notch Tools

I break down all the recommended kitchen equipment used to prepare all my delicious food.

About the Author

Camille Macres

Camille is a professional paleo chef and the host of America’s first paleo TV show, “Camille’s Paleo Kitchen”. Each week she brings you special guests, recipes, fun tips and tricks that will leave you inspired and empowered to cook at home for yourself and your family.

She is the author of the cookbook “Paleogasm: 150 Grain, Dairy & Sugar-Free Recipes That Will Leave You Totally Satisfied and Begging for More“, the host of the podcast “Paleo, Love & Transformation” and creator of the “Paleo Cooking School” video education series.

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