If you have struggled getting started with or maintaining your
paleo lifestyle, I have exactly what you need to succeed!

Did you know that WATCHING someone cook is THE BEST WAY to learn, far better than trying to figure it out with a cookbook alone?  Our brains are wired with mirror neurons that help you mimic another persons actions to learn a new skill, so when you watch the step-by-step videos in this series, you will learn to cook and overcome challenges much faster and easier than following recipes alone.

​Getting started with or maintaining a paleo lifestyle  can be challenging:

  • lack of time and money 
  • learning to cook new foods

  • lots of traveling or days away from home
  • inability to lose weight
  • dealing with cravings
  • family or friends who are not supportive

...can thwart your best efforts at success. 

​Paleo Cooking School retails for $397,  but because I want YOU to experience amazing health and happiness eating paleo,  I'm offering it to you for just $67. Thats 83% off on this page only. 

It comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose (except the extra pounds) and everything to gain (energy, mental clarity, life-long health). I'm excited to see you on the other side :)  

I organized Paleo Cooking School into lessons that you can quickly jump to based upon your current lifestyle, unique needs and challenges. I know it looks like TONS of information (it is), but if you master just a couple of the applicable lessons, you will have all of the skills you need for a lifetime of healthy, delicious paleo meals that will support you having energy, mental clarity and freedom from illness and disease. 

take a peek at the 12 lessons crafted to teach you the fundamentals of eating paleo + help you overcome whats held you back from success in the past. 

lesson 1: paleo for weight loss

Many find that by simply "going paleo", all of the extra weight and puffiness disappears without effort. If that has not been your experience, this lesson can help.

  • Identifies the "paleo tweaks" that most often help finally get the scale to move. Hint: it doesn't include counting calories!
  • Includes 38 high fat, low carb step-by-step cooking videos like Pineapple Fried Cauliflower "Rice", Superfood Adrenal Lovers Coffee and Sugar-free Strawberry Avocado Mousse.
  • Includes 36 bonus recipes like my uber-popular Keto Energy Bars & dairy and noodle-free "Fettucine Alfredo" Chicken & Broccoli!
  • Bonus: My 2-Part "How to Love the Food That Loves You Back" series to help you deal with junk food cravings, emotional eating and help retrain your thoughts for success!

Value: $40

lesson 2: setting up your paleo kitchen

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • Exactly what kitchen tools I use with links to buy + how to find great appliances cheap.
  • My best strategies for decluttering your kitchen + working in a small space.
  • How to set up your paleo pantry + an exact list of things I have in mine.
  • How to store your produce for maximum freshness and make sure the food you buy isn't wasted.

Value: $15

lesson 3: paleo cooking fundamentals

In this mega-lesson, you will learn:

  • The top 7 cooking techniques that you will use every week to create simple paleo meals (7 Part Video Series).
  • The top 10 foundational paleo recipes that are the basis for much of what you will find on the internet. 
  • How to meal plan and grocery shop to most efficiently use your time and money. 

If you follow and master JUST these videos alone, you will have all of the templates you need for a lifetime of delicious paleo meals without ever following a recipe again!

Value: $40

lesson 4: paleo on a budget

One of the biggest shocks you may experience when transitioning to eating paleo is in your pocketbook. While this is common and eating healthier can be more expensive, there are so many ways I can help you eat paleo in a way that still works for your budget.

  • Includes the top 15 ways I save money each month eating paleo and highlights where you may be unnecessarily wasting yours (many are right under your nose!).
  • Includes my 26 favorite budget-friendly step-by-step cooking videos like Southwestern Omelet Muffins, Sweet Potato & Bacon Latkes and Hearty Beef Stew.
  • Includes 11 bonus recipes for some of my favorite budget-friendly meals!

Value: $75

lesson 5: fast & easy paleo

The 2nd biggest shocks you may experience when transitioning to eating paleo is how confusing and time consuming it can be!  Of course learning to prepare your own meals does come with a learning curve, learning with these videos will make it so much easier. I will be sharing the best fast recipes I've created over the last 15 years as a chef and leaving the confusing and time consuming ones behind!

  • Includes my "Slow Cooking 101" and "Secret to 10 Minute Meal" Guides.
  • Includes my top fast and easy breakfast recipes like pumpkin granola, plantain crepes, apple "oat"meal, frittatas and omelet muffins
  • Includes my top fast and easy lunch recipes like my Famous Cranberry Tuna Salad, Avocado & Smoked Salmon in Endive, Kale Caesar Salad,  Spinach & Bacon Salad with Bacon Dressing and Curried Butternut Squash Soup.
  • Includes 24 fast dinner videos,  including "How to Roast & Carve a Chicken", "How to Sear Meat", and "How to Perfectly Cook Fish."

Value: $55

lesson 6: paleo on the go!

Staying paleo when you're constantly away from home either during the day for work or traveling for weeks at a time can be a big challenge. Over the years I've mastered this game and with this lesson, you can, too!

  • A list of my favorite portable paleo snacks that are perfect for road trips, lunch boxes and grab and go for hectic mornings.
  • Includes 18 step-by-step cooking videos like Crunchy Collard Wraps, Cashew Ginger Bites, Southwestern Omelet Muffins, 2 ingredient Protein Crepes and my 2 favorite muffin recipes (both loaded with protein and healthy fat to keep you full until lunch). 
  • Includes 15 bonus recipes for soups, salads, snacks and quick breakfasts that will keep well throughout the day and still taste delicious when you finally eat them. 
  • How to stay paleo when eating out at a restaurant and avoid convenience foods that seem healthy but REALLY aren't (chances are you've been duped in the past). 

Value: $40

lesson 7: batch, bulk & freezer cooking

This is an essential lesson to follow if you want to do the majority of your cooking once a week or even once a month. I have personally saved myself HUNDREDS of hours of cooking and cleaning and ensured I always have healthy meals in the house with these strategies.

  • Includes my 21 favorite batch and freezer cooking videos with recipe. Now you can freeze granola, pudding, even some kinds of salad using my secrets!
  • Includes 14 bonus recipes like Ice Cube Tray Pesto and No-Peanut Sauce, single serving Paleo Apple Oatmeal (for fast morning breakfasts) and my famous Heat n' Eat Paleo Chili.

Value: $45

lesson 8: Baking & comfort food swaps!

If you ever thought you had to give up your favorite foods when "going paleo", think again! You will need some guidance, though, because just swapping regular flour for coconut flour (and other easy mistakes) can take the wind out of your sails before you even get going!

  • Identifies the "paleo hacks" that give gluten and grain-free baked goods the taste and texture of gluten. 
  • Includes 20 step-by-step cooking videos like 4 kinds of Paleo Doughnuts, the most amazing Cream Puffs, Perfectly Chewy and Crispy Pizza Crust, Paleo Sandwich Bread (made with just 4 ingredients), 
  • Includes essential recipes for things like homemade mayonaisse, coconut whipped cream, ice cream and a cream sauce you would swear has dairy, but is totally paleo!

Value: $40

lesson 9: AIP PALEO

The Autoimmune Paleo protocol eliminates otherwise healthy paleo ingredients like eggs, nuts, seeds and nightshade vegetables to support the body in healing from Autoimmune Disease. But don't worry, I still have super-tasty recipes for you!

  • Includes 38 step-by-step cooking videos like Sweet Summer Chili, Homestyle Chicken & Biscuits and 5 Minute Salad.
  • Includes 36 bonus recipes like  my famous Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad and Broccoli Crunch Salad recipes all with Egg-Free Aioli, Vietnamese Chicken Wraps and Avocado & Smoked Salmon in Endive
  • Includes ways to support gut health with videos like Homemade Bone Broth, Easy Roasted Bone Marrow and homemade fermented Sauerkraut and Kombucha!

Value: $60

lesson 10: veggie magic

If you're used to eating a SAD (Standard American Diet) with lots of processed food, chances are you don't like veggies much. Maybe you've tried to prepare veggie for yourself in the past and they never tasted very good so you just gave up. If that sounds like you, you're in luck because I'm going to give you all of my special tricks for making veggies taste so delicious that you'd think they were junk food!

  • Includes 12 step-by-step cooking videos like How to Make a Stir Fry, How to Perfectly Roast Vegetables,  Roasted Eggplant Stack with Creamy Cashew Cheese, Grilled Artichoke & Shitaki Mushroom Salad with  Roasted Garlic  and 5 Minute Salad with Creamy Ranch.
  • How to cut your time prepping your veggies by 90% .
  • Includes 36 bonus recipes like  Roasted Carrot "French Fries", Broccoli Crunch Salad, Perfect Grilled Artichokes,  Schezwan Eggplant and Green Curry Veggie Stew
  • Who knew cauliflower, rich in cancer-fighting nutrients, could be so delicious and versatile? I'll show you how to turn it into Creamy Hummus, Mashed "faux" tatoes, Pizza Crust, and even Pineapple Fried Rice

Value: $35

lesson 11: getting your family onboard

Chances are that if you have a family to cook for that they have resisted your very best efforts to transition to eating paleo, maybe so much so that you've already given up. In this lesson I will give you my top strategies to get your family on-board and help you happily stay paleo even if they decide not to follow you (yet).

  • Includes 20 family-friendly step-by-step cooking videos like Paleo Pizza, Bison Burgers with Sweet Potato Haystack,  Fried Chicken & "Corn"-Bread, Pop Tarts, Sweet & Sour Apricot Ribs and Biscuits & Gravy.
  • Includes 16 bonus recipes like "Fettucine Alfredo" , Hidden-Veggie Burgers, Chunky Bolognese Sauce, Plantain Chips, Sandwich Bread and Easy Nutella Crepes. 
  • The top 10 ways I've learned to get kids to eat healthy over the years that actually work (most of the time)!

Value: $50

lesson 12: paleo for the holidays!

The holiday season is typically a time of throwing healthy eating out the window, but does it really need to be? What if you can eat and prepare amazing holiday dishes and FORGET the New Years weight loss resolution that never works out anyways?

  • Step-by-step videos that will teach you to make Coconut Macaroons, Cream Puffs and Black & White Chocolate Covered Strawberries to take to your next holiday party.
  • How to make delightful holiday food gifts like Dark Chocolate Superfood Bark, Grain-Free Granola Cups and Cashew Ginger Date Bites or DIY beauty products like Body Butter, Tooth Powder and even Homemade Deodorant!
  • The 3 essential cooking technique videos you need to learn to be successful making Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.
  • Full-proof side dish and entertaining videos with recipes that will instantly turn you into the most popular person at the party.
  • My special tricks to keep you from over-indulging at holiday parties but still have a great time. 

Value: $35

Value of all 12 Lessons = $530

Get it Today for Just $67!​

Each lesson teaches you the fundamental principles, then provides recipes and videos for you to try at home to put that lesson in action. Here's what a couple videos look like:


  • 12 Lessons to teach you paleo fundamentals + help you where you may have struggled in the past.
  • 80 Videos 
  • 155+ Recipes
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

 Learn to make paleo meals faster, cheaper & easier  for only $67!!

frequently asked questions

Is Paleo Cooking School for me if I already have some cooking skills?

I am horrible in the kitchen. How do I know this will work for me?

I have almost no  extra time already! How can this work for me?

I'm on such a tight budget. If I spend the money on this, how do I know it will save me money?

My spouse and kids are the pickiest eaters. How do I know they will eat these meals?

If this program doesn't work for me, can I get my money back?

Kerry loses 10 pounds in 6 weeks

“Paleo Cooking School gives you all the tools you need to make this way of life manageable. I especially love her videos, they were fun to watch and really helpful.

My boyfriend and I enjoyed watching them together, and he has been making amazing paleo versions of the food he loves, this from a man who used to live on pop tarts and pizza!

As a wonderful side effect, I have also lost 10 lbs in the last 6 weeks, without feeling restricted or having to exercise self-control. I have wonderful energy, and am happy knowing I am giving my body the good it really needs to thrive!”

- Kerry (Health Coach)

Anne Marie increases her energy, loses weight, and reduced her MS medications 

“After adopting the Paleo lifestyle I am thrilled to report that my health has improved tremendously. I am no longer walking with the use of a cane, I have a great deal more energy, I have been able to decrease medications and I have also lost 25 pounds as an added bonus.

Paleo Cooking School offers all of the information needed for an individual to dive right into a way of eating with little prior knowledge.”

- Ann Marie (Retired)

Mimi converts family to paleo to support 8 year old son with epilepsy!

"We first went Paleo earlier this year when our son was diagnosed with Epilepsy. Not only were we out to improve the quality of our family's health, we also wanted to treat our son's memory issues with a natural approach rather than putting him on medication.

Camille's Paleo Cooking School couldn't have come at a more perfect time. We committed to the program for two weeks and over time it has become a crucial piece to our transition and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Our kids (ages 8, 11 & 12) went from only wanting processed cereals for breakfast and pizza for dinner every day, to eating and enjoying healthy meals every day. Within a month of transitioning, all of our digestive systems improved and our son's memory has dramatically improved.

They all love helping me in the kitchen and of course we love cooking delicious Paleo desserts! They now understand why eating healthy is so important and they don't feel like they're missing out on anything because everything is so delicious!

We're so thankful to Camille and her Paleo Cooking School program for all the ways it has made our family healthier and happier :)"

- Mimi (Mother & Holistic Nutritionist)

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you aren't more confident in the kitchen, preparing amazing meals for yourself and family, and having FUN in the process,  just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.


  • 80 Videos
  • 155+ Recipes
  • 12 Lessons to help you overcome the barriers to maintaining your paleo lifestyle.
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

 Learn to make paleo meals faster, cheaper & easier  for only $67!!