Get 150 of my most popular paleo recipes that will leave you totally satisfied and begging for more – Even though they’re grain, dairy, and sugar free. They’re simple and quick to prepare, too.

5 More Reasons You’ll LOVE This Book…

  1. You'll be enjoying truly healthy food that ACTUALLY TASTES GOOD!

  2. ​Each recipe is specially crafted to give you a paleogasm , the sensation of fireworks in your mouth.

  3. ​There delicious are recipes for every meal of the day, every holiday or occasion of the year, and for even the pickiest palettes!

  4. ​There are 100 mouthwatering full-color pictures to go with the finished recipe. Who wants a recipe without a picture, after all?

  5. Many of the recipes are perfect for cooking in big batches so you can eat some now, and freeze the rest for ultimate healthy convenience food.

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Paleogasms Delivered

(4.5 of 5 stars on Amazon)


I think it's made a real difference in this cookbook and the quality of the recipes that the author was a chef & food enthusiast before entering into the Paleo world (which the intro explains). The recipes are very thought out, full-flavored, and well-rounded in terms of nutrition. You won't feel deprived or bored, which is important when you remove certain foods from your pantry. The book also includes a Paleo pantry list, which I find helpful.

Every recipe I've tried has been a delicious hit. My favorites so far have been the chicken "fettucine alfredo" (my boyfriend swore there was dairy in this version) and the Thai Green Seafood Curry served with the Cauliflower Rice. Also loved the simple Lamb Burger served with the Tzatziki Sauce & Greek Salad. The Buffalo Meatballs are also great (especially when served with the Spaghetti Squash Pomodoro), and chock full of veggies. I recommend this cookbook to friends, family & coworkers with dietary restrictions & food intolerance and will continue to do so. Hoping it will turn into a series and not just a one-off.

Erica Dale

I've been using this cook book for about 3 for every meal. It is incredible! My energy levels have changed along with my body and my cravings are gone. The recipes are easy (though you will want to have a food processor) and amazingly delicious. One tip, follow the authors guidelines to plan ahead and you will dig this way of eating!


I had a chance to attend one of Camille's classes and it was fantastic. I actually got to eat recipies that are in the book! I have been working my way to a Paleo diet slowly but surely. This has helped me greatly to have more, better tasting options to keep me from feeling that I am on a "diet" and more of a healthy lifestyle. If you want to increase your enjoyment of meals, get this book.

Stephanie Singer

Sticking to a paleo, or mainly paleo diet, can be challenging at times. Camille strikes such a fantastic balance of flavors in her dishes that you find yourself wanting to make her pad thai, for instance, and not an alternative that may seem more tempting on the surface. My husband is skilled in pairing flavors well and he has enjoyed the four dishes I've made, thus, far, as well. Who knew you could make a cream sauce out of soaked cashews!? And, I highly recommend the cauliflower hummus!

Miz Anthrope

This is one of my "go to" books in the kitchen. I cook most meals with it and most treats come from this book as well. If you are looking for a varied paleo meal plan then you will appreciate this book - especially the dessert portion! Yum!

Meet Camille!

I am so excited to offer you Paleogasm! In its pages, you will find 150 of my own creations with 100 beautiful full-color images that are unbelievably succulent and delicious, and also feed your body the way it was designed to be fed. My promise to you is that by making the recipes in this book, you will experience totally satisfying meals that leave you feeling nourished, energized, and happy.

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