Episode 11 Effortless Weight Loss with Marci Lock

Episode 11 Effortless Weight Loss with Marci Lock

Does it ever feel like you'll be on the diet roller coaster forever?

Some days and weeks you make progress only to sabotage yourself with poor food choices and thoughts like "no matter how many things I try, I always end up defeated".

You are not alone and there really is hope to have a body you love and still enjoy delicious food.

Today's guest, Marci Lock, and I will shed light on the the most important element of weight loss that is most often overlooked: your mindset and relationship around food and your body. 

We will be showing you a delicious green superfoods smoothie to fuel you after your workouts to help you get double the results, and a couple delicious 2 ingredient recipes: sweet and savory protein-rich crepe and mint chocolate chip ice cream that you can enjoy without guilt or sabotaging your weight loss efforts.​

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