Episode 12 Paleo For Your Skin with Trina Felber

Episode 12 Paleo for your skin with trina felber

Did you know that your skin is your bodies largest organ? Did you know that even skincare products labeled natural or organic can still be loaded with questionable ingredients not fit for your delicate body chemistry and health?

In today's episode, the founder of Primal Life Organics, Trina Felber will teach us all about what to avoid when choosing skin and beauty care, why choosing only ingredients for your skin you could actually eat is so essential, and how to make your own beauty products with many of the things already in your kitchen!

We will be whipping up a lavender deodorant, silky body butter, remineralizing tooth powder and a green tea salt hair spray that will give you that sexy fresh from the beach look. After this episode, you'll never spend hundreds of dollars on toxic skin and beauty care again.

Stay tuned to the end of today's show where you'll discover how to win Trina’s awesome sun package so you can head to the beach this summer protecting your skin without the icky chemical side effects.

Episode Recipes

Homemade Hairspray
Making hairspray at home is easy and so much better for you than most of the junk in the store![...]
Homemade Toothpaste & Powder
In less than 10 minutes with a handful of simple, healthy ingredients, you can make this amazing toothpaste that will[...]
Homemade Body Butter
Your skin is your body's largest organ. Feed it with pure and simple ingredients and it will shine! [amd-yrecipe-recipe:23]  [...]
Homemade Lavender Deodorant
Make this deodorant and smell like a million bucks without harming your body with aluminum and other toxic chemicals. [amd-yrecipe-recipe:22][...]

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