Episode 13 Paleo Batch Cooking with Kelly Seaton

Episode 13 Paleo Batch Cooking with Kelly Seaton

Do you find yourself thinking: “I don’t have the time to cook paleo?” or end up at the drive through at dinnertime because there’s nothing to eat in the fridge?

If you answered yes, this episode is for you!​

Today I am joined by Kelly Seaton from Once A Month Meals.com and Civilized Caveman George Bryant who will be showing us how to prepare a whole months worth of food in just 1 day! Batch cooking is the very best way I have found to cut my time in the kitchen by over 80% so I have more time to spend with my family and pursuing my passions instead of held hostage to hours of daily cooking and cleaning!

We’ll be whipping up paleo panini bread for quick morning sandwiches, Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad and a Summer Chili that’s AIP approved!

Stay tuned to the end of today’s episode, where you’ll discover how to win a full year subscription to OnceAMOnthMeals, The Paleo Kitchen Cookbook and a $100 gift certificate to Wild Things Seafood!

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