Episode 3 Paleo Myths and Fast Paleo Tricks with Mark Sisson 

There is so much confusion and misconception about good health floating around in the media. Is paleo all about eating tons of meat? Is paleo low-carb? What carbs are good for me and which are bad? How much and what kinds of sugar are ok? How do I know if dairy is ok for me?

In this episode, best selling author and founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, Mark Sisson, joins me to separate fact from fiction and share some simple paleo hacks to get your dinners on the table fast!

We’ll be cooking up a spinach salad with warm bacon dressing, Thai style steak with carrot salsa and red curry mayo and fresh berries with coconut cream and dark chocolate.

Stay tuned to the end of the episode, where you’ll discover how to win one of my favorite kitchen tools: a mini-chopper for quick sauces and dips as well as Marks amazing cookbook and a 3-pack of the most delicious mayo you’ve ever tasted...and its paleo!

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