Episode 8 – Lowering Your Sugar Impact With JJ Virgin

episode 8 lowering your sugar impact with jj virgin

Have you tried to break your sugar cravings in the past only to find yourself right back in the doughnut isle or late-night bingeing on gummy bears and ice cream? Seem like your sugar cravings are simply out of control?

This week, NYT Bestselling author and health extraordinaire, JJ Virgin joins us to share the missing link in cutting your sugar cravings once and for all so you can experience the vibrant health and effortless weight loss you’ve been craving.

Getting off the sugar addiction hamster wheel doesn’t need to be hard, it can actually be quite delicious. We’ll be whipping up JJ’s famous green smoothie, a roasted eggplant stack with cashew cheese and puttanesca sauce and a creamy and decadent strawberry mousse for dessert.

Stay tuned to the end of today’s episode, where you’ll discover how to win JJ’s Sugar Impact Diet book and protein shake as well as a handy mini blender so you can have a healthy meal no matter where you are.​

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